Focus on Posters

P1: Tuesday 15th, 08:30-09:10
P2: Wednesday 16th, 08:30-09:10
P3: Thursday 17th, 08:30-09:10


Poster session P3 (Thursday 17th, 08:30-09:10)

37Attention to details: does it facilitate or impede learningWilliam Rybolt
38Probability and statistics knowledge for teaching, in school teachers preparation in chilean universitiesEugenio Chandía
Anita Araneda
39Assessment on the confidence levels of educators teaching statistics in South AfricaDesiree Timmet
40Preliminary results of the effects and roles of fun in introductory statistics classesLawrence Lesser
Dennis Pearl
Reynaldo Reyes
John Weber
42Using R to create assessments for course management systemsNichole Andrews
Bradford Dykes
43Keeping the momentum: sustaining interest in statistics lectures for non-statisticiansAngela Wade
Eirini Koutoumanou
Vicki Aldridge
44Advice for using faculty connections to create research opportunities for undergraduatesIvan Ramler
Jessica Chapman
45Towards a more conceptual way of understanding and implementing inferential rulesJohanna Hardin
Thalia Rodriguez
47The challenges of implementing a randomization approach to introductory statistics in the high school settingBrandon Hanson
Natasha Gerstenschlager
48Exploring statistical literacy in Northeast China: finding a path from the classroom to the workplaceRobert Giebitz
49Factors of sustainability in statistics education in UkraineRuslan Motoryn
Motoryna Tetiana
50On statistics education innovation from statistics development perpectivesYu Zhu
Meng Wang
51Education and training statistics in RussiaOlga Bashina
Pavel Smelov
52Experience of carrying the National Statistical Olympiad in RussiaPavel Smelov
Elena Egorova
53Discovery projects in elementary statistics: curriculum materials and measurement of student outcomesDianna J. Spence
Gregg Velatini
54Learning statistics based upon multiple theories of probabilityChong Ho Yu
Anna Yu