At this stage, the list of “participants” reflects people that are connected in some way with the conference. Once registrations start, it will correspond more correctly with actual participants.

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Jenny Gage
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Joan Garfield
Dennis Garvis
Linda Gattuso

Name:Iddo Gal
Affiliation:University of Haifa
Convenor for:Topic 1
Organiser for:Session 7D (Mon 13:45)  
Invited paper:5B4 (Wed 10:55)  
Co-author:1D2 (Fri 13:45)  10A2 (Mon 16:15)  
Organiser for:Admin meeting 1 (Mon 17:50)  Admin meeting 2 (Tue 12:30)  Admin meeting 3 (Tue 17:30)  Admin meeting 5 (Fri 12:30)  
Chairing:Session 7D (Mon 13:45), Plenary 5 (Mon 09:15)
Registered participant