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   (Tuesday 15th, 13:45-15:15)   In session C7C

Challenges in teaching medical statistics in developing country


Ashwani Kumar Mishra (India)


“Biostatisticians” work in diversified medical settings. The process of teaching biostatistics is extremely challenging due to the absence of a formal procedure of statistical education at most places. Irrespective of the nature of statistical education, some of the general challenges encountered are understanding the perspectives of statisticians and clinicians, recognizing the importance of statistical ingredients in the formulation of the research protocol, knowing the methodologies for setting up a research database, acquainting the clinicians with an accurate statistical test to apply, assessing the clinical and statistical significance of the proposed research findings and finally the dissemination of results. The present deliberation specifically aims to address challenges faced by the mid-level biostatistician from India, a developing country. The younger statistics and biostatistics professionals at various levels constitute the target audience.