Statistics education at the school level



In many countries throughout the world Statistics, often consisting of two strands with names such as Chance and Data, has increasingly become a more significant component of the school mathematics curriculum. Many countries include statistics benchmarks or statistics learning goals in their national curriculum or standards documents for all levels of school mathematics. In addition, the relatively recent introduction of innovative technology can have an impact on the ways that data handling and statistics are taught at the school level. This topic will focus on issues related to statistics, particularly data investigations and data handling in schools, including-innovative teaching strategies at various levels, assessment issues at the school level, developments and uses of technology to teach statistics in the schools, and research on teaching statistics at the school level.


2ALearners’ first experiences of handling data — focusing on 7 to 13 year oldsRosemary Callingham (Australia)
2BSecondary-level statistical educationHenry Kranendonk (United States)
2CStatistical education at the Secondary/Higher Education interfaceJennifer Freeman (United Kingdom)
2DUsing technology at school level to enhance statistical understandingRachel Cunliffe (New Zealand)
2EImproving the teaching of statistics at school levelKatie Makar (Australia)
2FMaking connections between educational research and teaching statistics at the school levelJane Watson (Australia)