An international perspective on statistics education


The conference theme “Data and Context in Statistics Education” encapsulates the two most fundamental concepts in all levels of statistics education. The subtitle “Towards an Evidence-Based Society” suggests that emphasis will be placed on the status of statistics in society.

Topic 10, An International Perspective on Statistics Education would thus serve the conference theme by focusing on problems that affect the teaching of statistics around the world, particularly in developing countries (access to didactic materials, bibliography, technology; lack of suitably qualified teachers, etc). Here we would focus on countries such as Asia, Africa and South America.

The theme will be further served by having a session on the latest trends in statistics teaching in Eastern Europe, Russia and other first world countries.

The conference and topic theme naturally define a session on the role that national statistics offices play in promoting basic statistics literacy of society in the various countries around the world.

Another way of looking at statistics education from an international perspective is to depict a session where there has been improvement of statistics education due to international collaboration. This topic would thus include papers on how the Census@School drive has aided in bringing an international perspective to statistics teaching at school level in various countries, talks on how the International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP) has enhanced teaching of Statistics, talks on consignment of text books being sent to developing countries (CAUSE, etc).

We shall learn about statistics, see how we learn through the use of statistics and above all, see how we can gain through experiences of others in this topic.


10AStatistics teaching in the Asian contextLisa Grace Bersales (Philippines)
10BStatistics education in AfricaTemesgen Zewotir (South Africa)
10CStatistics education in developing countriesMaria Gabriella Ottaviani (Italy)
10D International projects that improve statistics educationDelia North (South Africa)
Enriqueta Reston (Philippines)
10EThe role that National Statistics Offices play in promoting statistics literacyLen Cook (New Zealand)
10FStatistics education in South AmericaTeresita Evelina Terán (Argentina)
10GOne hundred years of progress — teaching statistics 1910 to 2010: what have we learned?John Harraway (New Zealand)