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This is a session of Topic 3: Learning to teach statistics

(Wednesday 14th, 11:00-13:00)

The impact of technology on learning to teach statistics



Technology has an impact on learning to teach statistics in the following first sense. Teachers have to be enabled to use technology for supporting their students’ learning of statistics. This requirement has implications for teacher knowledge and teacher competence. We have to analyze the specific pedagogical content knowledge for using technology in statistics education.

In a second sense, technology may be used to enhance teacher education courses. In this session we will not only discuss the use of tools and applets. A broader use of e-learning and online courses that include interactive elements and tool use is one of the foci.

Online courses have to develop a practical approach to the components of teacher knowledge. By that they can also be very good illustrations, materializations and objects of study for theoretical approaches to teacher knowledge.


PaperTitlePresenter(s) / Author(s)
3C1A model for teacher knowledge as a basis for online courses for professional development of statistics teachersThomas Wassong (Germany)
Rolf Biehler (Germany)
3C2Students’ understanding and reasoning about sample size and the law of large numbers after a computer-intensive introductory course on stochasticsCarmen Maxara (Germany)
Rolf Biehler (Germany)
3C3An attempt to reconcile teaching content, pedagogy, and software in an online course for teachersWilliam Finzer (United States)
3C4High school teachers’ reasoning about data analysis in a dynamics statistical environmentSantiago Inzunsa (Mexico)
José Alfredo Juárez (Mexico)