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This is a session of Topic 10: An international perspective on statistics education

(Wednesday 14th, 11:00-13:00)

Statistics education in developing countries



To promote the understanding and advancement of statistics education is one of the objectives of the IASE and of the ICOTS Conferences. This includes the furthering of statistical education in developing countries.

The consciousness that cultural and attitudinal characteristics may influence the possibility to promote statistics education induces both the IASE and the ICOTS organization to give support and visibility to groups of teachers or educators interested in teaching statistics in developing countries. A local group has in fact a clearer knowledge of local curricula and of what is needed. Of particular interest will be evidence from local teachers about international projects that they have found useful in furthering statistical education in their own countries.

This session will further highlight problems and needs of developing countries with respect to the teaching and learning of statistics and the way in which the IASE and its membership may co-operate with local national groups of teachers to alleviate problems mentioned. It is thus open to authors to discuss the teaching of statistics in their countries with reference to curricula, teacher training, and research on teaching/learning statistics. Papers concerning countries that have already experienced collaboration with developed countries and international institutions are also welcome.


PaperTitlePresenter(s) / Author(s)
10C1Assessment of graduate students’ conception of statistical inference: Philippine perspectiveLiza Lorena Jala (Philippines)
Enriqueta Reston (Philippines)
10C2Training teachers to teach statistics in South Africa: realities and attitudesDelia North (South Africa)
Jackie Scheiber (South Africa)
Maria Gabriella Ottaviani (Italy)
10C3Comparing teachers’ statistical knowledge in Botswana and South Africa: some preliminary resultsM Alejandra Sorto (United States)
10C4Opportunities, challenges and statistical cooperation in the implementation of a statistical literacy project in Mendoza, ArgentinaAdriana D’Amelio (Argentina)