11th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
11–16 September 2022
Rosario, Argentina

Topic 4

Capacity Building in Statistics Education



The Topic, Capacity Building in Statistics Education, is surely at the very heart of the theme of the conference: Empowering and Educating Today’s Learners in Statistics.

Statistics Education around the world is challenged to react to a fast-evolving world where there is more data available than ever before, with data-driven decision making now being called for at all levels of government, business and industry. It has however become increasingly clear that the access to information contained in data, also brings new challenges and risks to businesses and consumers alike. Research in statistics education is accordingly challenged to use new curricula, devise new teaching strategies and come up with new assessment methods that are in tune with the working world that graduates will be entering, but even more importantly, building capacity in the society for critical thinking and analytic skills.

Papers in this topic will include, but are not limited to, reports of research on such topics as improving teaching and assessment of statistics; approaches for building statistics capacity amongst school learners (from early-childhood up to college); preparation of teachers, lecturers and tutors; running statistics courses for in-service workers; statistics curricular issues; teaching strategies to engage under-represented students in statistics; expanding service courses in statistics to discipline areas beyond the traditional.