10th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
8 – 13 July 2018
Kyoto, Japan
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This is a session of Topic 5: Statistics education in the workplace, government and across disciplines

Session 5D (Monday 9th, 14:00-15:30,   Level 3 - Conference Room D)

Statistical Education and Work Integrated Learning



One of the most important skills for new graduates is workplace experience, regardless of their discipline of study. It used to be the only health sciences (such as doctors), education (such as teachers) and engineering graduates are expected to have work experience during their study. Nowadays, every graduate is expected to have such experiences during her/his studies. Universities are responding to this industry need by creating opportunities for their graduates to work within industry and/or government through work integrated learning (WIL), internships or as part of their capstone units. The session will explore lessons learnt from collaborating with industry, government and other universities to prepare our students to workplace. Experiences will include how teamwork and collaboration is promoted to achieve successes both for the students and for the collaborators. Case studies of WIL for statistics from three different countries will be the focus of this session.


PaperTitlePresenter / Co-author(s)
5D2Flanders’ Training Network for Methodology and Statistics (FLAMES)Emmanuel Abatih (Belgium)
An Carbonez (Belgium)
Els Goetghebeur (Belgium)
Karen François (Belgium)
Koen Plevoets (Belgium)
5D3Industry Collaboration through Work-Integrated Learning in a Capstone UnitAyse Aysin Bilgin (Australia)
David Bulger (Australia)
Peter Petocz (Australia)