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This is a session of Topic 2: Statistics education at the school level

(Wednesday 14th, 11:00-13:00)

Secondary-level statistical education



Statistics and data analysis continue to receive increased focus in the secondary mathematics curriculum by incorporating statistics topics into the study of mathematics and by integrating statistics and data analysis topics in related disciplines including science and social studies. This session will look at successful implementations of statistics and data analysis topics in the secondary curriculum as well as related teaching strategies and innovative use of technology resulting from this implementation.


PaperTitlePresenter(s) / Author(s)
2B1Random walks in teaching probability at the high schoolHugo Hernández (Mexico)
Verônica Yumi Kataoka (Brazil)
Marcelo Silva de Oliveira (Brazil)
2B2Data analysis: linking mathematics, science, and social studiesJerry Moreno (United States)
2B3Helping mathematics teachers teach statistics: challenges and potentialsDoreen Connor (United Kingdom)
2B4Making sense of statistical studies: a capstone experience for secondary studentsDaren Starnes (United States)
Roxy Peck (United States)