Innovative collaboration in statistics education



In a world that is increasingly interconnected and shares more and more common challenges, collaboration of any kind has important potential to create new synergies and insights. Collaborations of practitioners and researchers in statistics education from different countries enrich our collective understandings of sustainable teaching innovations in well-resourced educational environments. Within countries with diverse levels of resources, collaboration between statistics educators at contrasting institutional bases may be mutually beneficial and give rise to sustainable initiatives addressing inequities of education in contrasting situations of need and privilege.

These sessions will explore current collaborative practice and to envisage new modes facilitated by use of the many tools becoming available in an information age. Interactions between official statistics agencies and schools, between industry and universities, and between professional societies and statistics educators and students exhibit the power of cross-disciplinary activities.


10ACollaborations between Statistics agencies and academia (schools/universities/colleges)John Harraway (New Zealand)
10CCollaboration among countriesEnriqueta Reston (Philippines)
10EResearch projects collaborationsLeigh Harrell-Williams (United States)
Rebecca Pierce (United States)