This paper is from Session 8I: Research on risk literacy
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which comes under Topic 8: Research in statistics education

(Wednesday 16th, 10:55-12:25)

Getting alternative representations for risk into the school syllabus



  • Jenny Gage (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)


I shall extend the discussion of my plenary talk to give more details of work to teach a range of alternative representations for probabilities. I will also cover efforts to get better probability representations into the GCSE (ages 11-16) syllabus for England and Wales: after various machinations these have met with moderate success, although it remains to be seen what examining boards will make of the opportunities. I will also discuss the potential for the new “core maths” qualification that is being introduced as a post-GCSE course for 250,000 students a year who do not go on to study maths at A level (ages 17-18). I will also, if time permits, provide a critique of the latest PISA scores for mathematics, arguing that much if the recent change is simply regression-to-the-mean.