This paper is from Session 7A: Statistical literacy beyond the classroom
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which comes under Topic 7: Statistical literacy in the wider society

(Thursday 17th, 13:45-15:15)

Teaching statistics for engagement beyond classroom walls



Statistics education organizations have recently increased efforts to help broader audiences view statistics as a ubiquitous and positive domain. At the same time, educators increasingly seek to maximize student motivation or engagement by using supplements or alternatives to physical textbooks and face-to-face classroom instruction. These endeavors of organizations and individual instructors can be served well by leveraging opportunities to connect statistical concepts to the world beyond classroom walls. These endeavors can span varied ages (from elementary education through adult education) as well as varied modalities (e.g., podcasts, field trips, museum/library events, radio/TV, songs, culture, virtual worlds, AR, service learning, etc.). We overview varied examples and note potential benefits and next steps for statistics education.