Group C10C (Wednesday 16th, 10:55-12:25)  Chair: Jocelyn Cumming
C128  Introductory statistics students’ conceptual understanding of variation and measures of variation in a distributionRachel Chaphalkar (United States)Cindy Leary
C134  It is time to include data management in introductory statisticsRobert H Carver (United States)Mia Stephens
C145  Observations of implementations of an active learning module in introductory statisticsJeremy Strayer (United States)Nancy McCormick
Lisa Green
Scott McDaniel
Ginger Holmes Rowell
Natasha Gerstenschlager
C164  Teaching precursors to data science in introductory and second courses in statisticsNicholas Horton (United States)Ben Baumer
Hadley Wickham

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