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   (Friday 18th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C16A

Teaching statistics to non-statistics majors


Kolentino N. Mpeta, Diteboho Xaba, Ellen Materechera, Mamolahluwa Mokoena


Kolentino N. Mpeta (South Africa)


It is not always easy teaching statistics to students from varied backgrounds who are pursuing a variety of careers and thus have different motivations. What makes it even more difficult is the attitude that some of the students might have towards mathematics and statistics in particular. The situation is further compounded when teaching students who previously failed the statistics course in question and hence have no hope in as far as passing statistics is concerned. One approach that has been effective in assisting the students at the North West University is the use of supplementary instructors. A sample of 310 first year students is used to show the effectiveness of the supplementary instruction. This paper seeks to highlight the challenges faced in teaching statistics to students from diverse faculties as well as approaches, including supplementary instruction, that are found to be effective in such situations.