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   (Thursday 17th, 13:45-15:15)   In session C13B

How I learned to stop worrying about it and just teach MBA 5800 (with apologies to Dr. Strangelove)


Alan S Chesen (United States)


This course is a requirement for the MBA students at Wright State University who have not studied statistics previously. It is taught in order to allow these students to attain the level of competence of those students who have taken two semesters of undergraduate statistics. By completing MBA 5800, students will be able to understand the more complex statistical concepts contained in their other graduate courses. What has been developed is a methodology that includes a set of procedures that utilize lecture, discussion and problem solving that uses software demonstration techniques to teach the concepts of the two undergraduate courses in one course. In the spirit of the theme of the 2009 USCOTS conference, “Letting Go to Grow,” and also in the spirit of the theme of the 2013 USCOTS conference, “Making Change Happen,” a paper will be presented concerning how the course is taught in order to best educate the students.