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   (Tuesday 15th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C6A

The use of web resources in statistics education


Svetlana Tishkovskaya, Gillian Lancaster


Svetlana Tishkovskaya (United Kingdom)


It is widely recognised that Internet technologies have opened new possibilities and directions for teaching, in general, and for the teaching of statistics in particular. Even though the use of online learning environments in education is expanding, there are very few studies where statistical issues and the Web have been discussed systematically. This article emphasises the choices available to teachers of applied statistics at the tertiary level for using Internet technology. In this paper, we outline the potential of the Internet for teaching and learning statistics, provide a systematic general overview of statistics on the Web and list some problems in incorporating Web technology into the classroom. The paper aims to contribute to the understanding of the current state of the art in Web-based learning environments in statistical education and helps teachers understand and implement Internet technology in a variety of innovative ways for the enhancement of the teaching of statistics.