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   (Monday 14th, 16:15-17:45)   In session C4B

Learning objects for teaching statistics in engineering courses


Elisa Henning, Dátila Cristina Mondini, Luciane Mulazani dos Santos


Luciane Mulazani dos Santos (Brazil)


In engineering, statistics has wide application in process planning and control, product development and production strategies. Thus, it is critical that engineering students have significant contact with statistics during their undergraduate studies. However, students often do not exercise in practice what would help them better understand the theory. In this sense, the creation, delivery and dissemination of learning objects can fill in some gaps that arise due to this situation. Learning objects are reusable digital resources that contain information for which meanings are produced in the process of knowledge construction and are important elements for the systems of teaching and learning that use the computer and that rely on information technology. They can be used both in distance learning and in the classroom. Thus, this paper is a survey of existing learning objects aimed at teaching engineering statistics, focusing mainly on statistical quality control, design of experiments and the Six Sigma methodology.