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   (Monday 14th, 16:15-17:45)   In session C4B

Quality engineering: an experience in teaching statistics for engineers


Elisa Henning, Adelmo Anselmo Martins, Marcelo Savio Ramos


Elisa Henning (Brazil)


In quality engineering, statistics focuses on manufacturing and process control, analyzing variation and quality in products, seeking to track process stability. In this sense, the main applications deal with statistical quality control in the analysis of the measurement system, experiment design and the Six Sigma methodology. All these methods use standardized procedures for data collection and analysis in order to identify, treat and eliminate sources of error in pursuit of continuous improvement in the quality of products and processes. Industrial engineers have contact with quality engineering at the end of the undergraduate program, and this article aims to present and analyze some experiments in the classroom developed in an engineering program. They are lab classes, applied exercises, real experiments, seminars and reviews of scientific articles. Since the program’s classes are at night, many students are already working in the industries, giving a different, more collaborative character to the class.