Statistics education and the wider society



For each of the last two ICOTS, this topic’s abstract has emphasized the ever-increasing need for society at large to be statistically educated. This is even more pertinent and true now. We, as statistical educators, continue to lead and extend debates in the media and elsewhere on issues of inequality, crime, effects of smoking, of alcohol, to name but a few. We are bombarded by results from surveys and polls. As those most concerned with educating society in the ways of statistical thinking and reasoning, how can we encourage people to want to engage in statistical learning? How can we contribute to subject-specific learning where statistical knowledge and understanding is necessary (nearly everywhere!!)?

For topic 7, Statistics Education and the Wider Society, contributions from a wide range of subject perspectives are encouraged. Possible contributions relating to statistical education to the statistical profession itself, to issues in journalism, mass media, engineering, the sciences, medicine, psychology, law, commerce, business, economics, government, industry and sport are particularly welcome, but are not limited to this list. As at the last ICOTS we hope this topic will act as a forum for asking and answering current questions about how statistical education and teaching should develop to ensure sound statistical understanding and usage in other disciplines and society at large.


7AStatistics and the mediaPatrick Murphy (Ireland)
7BStatistics and sportsStephen Krevisky (United States)
7CStatistics in psychology and the social sciencesCarmen Díaz (Spain)
7DStatistics education for engineeringLena Zetterqvist (Sweden)
7EStatistics for biology and the health sciencesKaren Smith (United Kingdom)
7FStatistics in businessIrena Ograjenšek (Slovenia)
7GStatistics for non-quantitative majorsMilo Schield (United States)
7HOfficial statistics in statistics education:links between IASE and IAOSIrena Križman (Slovenia)