Learning to teach statistics



Our understanding of teaching statistical thinking and reasoning has changed quite dramatically in the past decade. Where statistics was once not introduced until the upper secondary or tertiary level, many countries now incorporate chance and data into curriculum as early as kindergarten. Furthermore, a traditional focus on teaching procedural knowledge has shifted towards creating opportunities for all learners to develop the statistical understandings needed to cope with an increasingly complex technological society. As statistics education evolves towards enabling learners at all ages to engage with more authentic contexts and deeper understandings of statistical processes and concepts, the importance of improving the preparation of those who teach statistics is critical. This topic will focus on several aspects to consider in preparing those responsible for teaching of statistics, including innovative approaches for the preparation and training of teachers at school and tertiary levels, capitalizing on opportunities to embed context and data, embracing alternative statistical perspectives, and considering recent research findings on the teaching of statistics.


3AProfessional development of teachersMaria Meletiou-Mavrotheris (Cyprus)
Efi Paparistodemou (Cyprus)
3BPre-service preparation for primary teachersJanet Ainley (United Kingdom)
3CThe impact of technology on learning to teach statisticsRolf Biehler (Germany)
3DLearning to use context in teaching statistics at school and tertiary levelMaxine Pfannkuch (New Zealand)
3ELearning to teach data-based statistics at school and tertiary levelGail Burrill (United States)
3FSimilarities and contrasts in teaching mathematical and statistical thinkingManfred Borovcnik (Austria)
3GDiversity in types of teaching at the tertiary levelMartha Aliaga (United States)
Michael Bulmer (Australia)
3HJoint ICMI/IASE study on statistics education in school mathematics: challenges for teaching and teacher education (panel discussion)Carmen Batanero (Spain)
3IPracticum learning to teach statistics: perspectives from young staffBrian Phillips (Australia)