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This is a session of Topic 5: Assessment in statistics education

(Thursday 15th, 11:00-12:30)

Assessing statistical reasoning and statistical thinking



Assessment can play an important role in helping students develop their statistical reasoning and statistical thinking. Assessment approaches are needed that provide informative feedback to both students and instructors. This session will include presentations by researchers who report on assessment methods that are diagnostic in nature, such that they provide information on the nature of students' understanding and misunderstanding of important statistical concepts, aspects of statistical reasoning that are productive or deficient, or the nature of their statistical thinking. Assessments may be formal instruments developed and tested with students, and whose psychometric qualities have been examined. Or, assessments may be more qualitative in nature, such as open ended questions or probes that are analyzed using scoring rubrics, or other qualitative methods.


PaperTitlePresenter(s) / Author(s)
5F1Assessing student learning about statistical inferenceBeth Chance (United States)
John Holcomb (United States)
Allan Rossman (United States)
George Cobb (United States)
5F2Development of an instrument to assess statistical thinkingAuðbjörg Björnsdóttir (United States)
Andrew Zieffler (United States)
Joan Garfield (United States)
Robert C delMas (United States)
5F3Towards assessing understanding of prerequisite knowledge for sampling distributionsMichelle Sisto (Monaco)
Tisha Hooks (United States)
Michael Posner (United States)
Dale Berger (United States)