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This is a session of Topic 4: Statistics education at the post secondary (tertiary) level

(Tuesday 13th, 16:30-18:00)

Learning statistics through projects



Projects are an effective way to broaden student understanding of the intellectual content and applicability of statistics. The use of real interdisciplinary datasets, challenging problems and group work can help bridge the gap from smaller, focused textbook problems to real-world investigations. Projects and guided activities play a key role in post-secondary introductory and intermediate courses, as they help to communicate the complexity and excitement of statistics as a field of study as well as prepare students for research.


PaperTitlePresenter(s) / Author(s)
4G1Incorporating a research experience into an early undergraduate statistics courseShonda Kuiper (United States)
4G2Student discovery projects in data analysisMike Forster (New Zealand)
Helen MacGillivray (Australia)
4G3Formulating statistical questions and implementing statistics projects in an introductory applied statistics courseKatherine Halvorsen (United States)