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Ljubljana stands on the River Ljubljanica in central Slovenia. It is overlooked by the massive Alps in the distance and by the famous Ljubljana Castle at its heart.

The Castle hill has held fortifications for many centuries. The present Castle dates mostly from the 16th and 17th centuries. The Lookout Tower was built in 1848.

Beneath the Castle and straddling the River lies the Old Town.

Much of the architecture is a vibrant mix of Baroque and Art Nouveau as seen here.

Below: the University of Ljubljana
The Seminary Library features a beautiful late eighteenth century ceiling.

Art Nouveau used to great advantage in Hauptman House and Urbanc House Centromerkur.

Being situated on a river, there is little wonder that bridges and the waterfront give the city much of its character.

Of particular note are the famous Triple Bridge (right), the Dragon Bridge, Cobbler’s Bridge, and the Market Arcades.

Jože Plečnik’s architecture abounds.

There is always something happening, whether it is a carnival, street theatre, graduation parade, Medieval Day, sports or arts.

Central market

ICOTS8 will be held at the cultural and congress centre Cankarjev Dom, a first-class conference venue providing many halls and meeting rooms and excellent facilities.