Group C16A (Thursday 15th, 14:00-16:00)
C172  E-learning of statistics in AfricaIan Dale (United Kingdom)Cary Clark
Roger Stern
Sandro Leidi
David Stern
C173  The use of computer-based tests to consolidate statistical concepts in KenyaDoug Stirling (New Zealand)David Stern
Ian Dale
Roger Stern
C174  Incremental modernisation of statistics teaching and curriculum at Maseno University, KenyaDavid Stern (Kenya)Omolo N Ongati
John Ogonji Agure
Betty Ogange
C191  Training of lecturers at Maseno University, KenyaJames Musyoka (Kenya)David Stern
Joyce Otieno
C192  The growing role of computers for teaching statistics in KenyaParin Kurji (Kenya)Brigid McDermott
David Stern
Roger Stern

All contributed papers