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   (Wednesday 14th, 08:20-09:20)

The effects of an Audience Response System (ARS) on achievement and attitudes towards statistics in a introductory statistics class


Megan Mocko, Tim Jacobbe


Megan Mocko (United States)


Audience Response Systems are devices that allow for instant communication and involvement by the students in the classroom by the use of handheld remotes. The system allows students to anonymously respond to questions posed by the instructor. A study was done in the Spring of 2009 to test the impacts of using these remotes in a learning disabled classroom. Two sections of Introduction to Statistics I were taught identically except for the use of the handheld remotes: one of these sections used a handheld remote to respond to questions; whereas, the other class discussed the answers to the questions as a class. In addition to looking at graded assessments, each student took the Survey of Attitudes Toward Statistics 36+ Pre and Post Test. The impact of using the remotes on graded assessments and attitudes towards statistics will be compared in the paper as well as recommendations for future study.