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   (Friday 16th, 08:20-09:20)

Teaching statistics to a heterogeneous group: a “Goal-Oriented” approach


Saleha Habibullah (Pakistan)


Teaching elementary concepts of statistical methodology to a heterogeneous group in a small span of time such as a workshop presents a peculiar challenge: how to create a balance between presenting content that is “too difficult” for the beginners and “too boring” for those who already have some orientation of Statistics! This paper presents an account of a particular strategy that was adopted for teaching basics of statistical methodology to a heterogeneous group of facultymembers at a workshop in Lahore, Pakistan–one involving a ‘goal-oriented’ approach. Feedback from the workshop participants indicates that such a strategy is likely to be successful in arousing the interest of the entire group, of creating the urge in beginners for learning that which is ‘too difficult’, of developing patience among those who 'already ‘know it all’, and–eventually–creating a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in the entire group.