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Statistics education in the context of critical education: teaching projects


Celso Campos, Maria Lucia L. Wodewotzki, Otavio Jacobini, Denise Lombardo


Celso Campos (Brazil)


Statistics Education researchers identify the development of three competences: statistical literacy, thinking and reasoning as relevant in teaching and learning of Statistics. These competences are linked to an education aimed at the formation of critical citizenship, which is in accordance to the principles of Critical Education. In this article we present three projects where this combination of goals is explored. The contents of Statistics are linked to discussions about social and political problems; students work with real data relating them to the context which they are part of, understand the results, criticize and discuss ideas, and work in groups. Hence we encourage the development of the three competences above, together with the principles that surround Critical Education. Consequently, we see that Statistics Education and Critical Education interact and complement each other, showing harmony of purposes, which is favorable to a truer education.