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Students’ opinion on the subjects of statistics and probability in secondary schools of Lisbon, Portugal


Sara Caldeira, Helena Mouriño


Sara Caldeira (Portugal)


Nowadays, Statistics and Probability take an important role in Secondary Education Mathematics curriculum. This work aims at analysing students’ opinion about these subjects. During the third term of 2007/08 school year, we conducted a survey on 1128 students–7th grade to 12th grade–from public schools in the area of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo. Students filled in the questionnaire at math classes and they reported on their beliefs about Statistics and Probability. The questions were mainly closed and we used the 5-point Likert type scale. Analysing the inquiries, we conclude the majority of the students recognise that the subjects of Statistics and Probability are interesting, and admit that, on the overall, their contents are neither easy, nor difficult.