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   (Tuesday 13th, 08:20-09:20)

Teaching regression models: an application with simulations


Irene Schiattino, Rosa Montaño, Claudio Silva, Carmen Acuña, Isabel Ormeño


Irene Schiattino (Chile)


The availability of efficient statistical software makes it possible to enhance the strategies for teaching statistics with activities based in methods of stochastic simulation. The objective of this work is to offer, from an educational perspective, a review and presentation of several articles that address the subject of simulations. Simulated data sets with different features, but that result in the same estimates of the regression parameters are presented. Extensions to multivariate methods, such as multiple regression, are reviewed. Some ad-hoc programs written in R, the PROC IML of SAS, and PROC MATA of STATA are produced and used in the illustrations presented.