10th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
8 – 13 July 2018
Kyoto, Japan

Improving teaching and capacity in statistics education



This topic emphasizes the main theme of the conference: looking back and looking forward at improvement of education designed to build students' statistical skills. Over the last few years, research in statistics education has resulted in relevant studies about teaching statistics and building capacity in statistics education. There has been both theoretical and methodological diversity in this research, which has resulted in significant recommendations for the development of curricula, teacher training and teaching practice, and has impacted public policy for basic and university education. It is widely recognized that the population that must learn statistics is larger than in earlier generations, and new modes of enlarging the capacity to teach, such as MOOCs, are coming into existence. Significant efforts have also been made to building capacity in under-represented populations.

Papers in this topic will include, but are not limited to reports of research on such topics as: current evidence to improve the teaching or preparation of teachers, lecturers and tutors; models of methods for teaching greater numbers of students; approaches that build capacity by improving access to statistics education in under-represented populations; evaluations or methods of evaluation for improving teaching or increasing capacity.


4ARandomisation and bootstrapping: the quick way to inference
4BUse of student response systems in teaching statistics at the university level
4CRank-based inference, association measures and nonparametric statistics
4DExchanging pedagogy between post-secondary and secondary school statistics courses
4EWe know you need to know statistics, do you?
4FOpening up the data world wider and faster