10th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
8 – 13 July 2018
Kyoto, Japan
This paper is from Session 9E: Software and smartphone technology developments
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which comes under Topic 9: Technology and multimedia in statistics education

Paper 9E1 (Friday 13th, 11:00-12:30)

Current situation and issue for effective use of statistical software in Japan



It is one of goals for teaching statistics to understand and perform statistical problem solving. We have to make the effective use of statistical software in order to achieve the goal. There are many software, for example TinkerPlots and Fathom are well-known. If we consider using software in almost all schools, it is preferable that the software is free of charge and operations are limited. Especially Japanese teachers/students have difficulty to use English software. Unfortunately there are not many software with using Japanese language and treating easily. We have made several software for school use and published them free of charge. We present the characteristics of them and some examples for use.

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