10th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
8 – 13 July 2018
Kyoto, Japan
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This is a session of Topic 9: Technology and multimedia in statistics education

Session 9G (Thursday 12th, 11:00-12:30,   Level 2 - Medium Conference Room)

Design matters: How resources and experiences impact learning in online courses



Teaching in online settings offers opportunities to reach far more students and engage them in different learning experiences. The challenge of designing learning experiences in online settings can be approached in a variety of ways, using different technological tools such as videos in very different ways. Online resources and experiences can be used to supplement face-to-face instruction, as well as be packaged together as entire courses. The presenters in this session share some of the key aspects of their designs that have led to successful online learning experiences for university students in statistics courses, as well as statistics teachers in grades 6-college in a course designed to enhance pedagogical approaches to statistics.


PaperTitlePresenter / Co-author(s)
9G1The Open Learning Initiative (OLI) Online Statistics Course: How Statistics Education Helped Define Promising Directions for the Use of Technology-Enabled Instruction in Higher EducationOded Meyer (United States)
9G2Impact of online resources in teaching Statistics to undergraduatesElinor Jones (United Kingdom)
Jian Yu (United Kingdom)
Simon Harden (United Kingdom)
9G3Designing for educators in a Teaching Statistics MOOC: Design principles and use of multimedia to support participant engagementHollylynne Lee (United States)
Gemma Mojica (US)
Jennifer Lovett (United States)