10th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
8 – 13 July 2018
Kyoto, Japan
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This is a session of Topic 3: Statistics education at the post-secondary level

Session 3D (Friday 13th, 14:00-15:30,   Level 3 - Conference Room D)

Preparing pre-service statistics teachers across the grade levels



As statistics and probability topics are being increasingly taught across the grade levels, how do we prepare teachers to help students with this material? If the teachers don’t understand or appreciate the topics themselves, how can they instill such thinking in their students? In this session, presenters from Turkey, Chile, and the United States will provide different approaches to helping pre-service teachers develop their own statistical thinking and understanding of student difficulties. In particular, these approaches examine potential benefits of focusing on effective technology, use of engaging contexts and relevant situations, and pedagogical content knowledge in teacher preparation programs.


PaperTitlePresenter / Co-author(s)
3D2Indicators of didactical suitability to evaluate the statistical training of future Chilean mathematics teachersFelipe Ruz (España)
Elena Molina-Portillo (España)
José Miguel Contreras (España)
3D3Statistical Understanding of Pre-service Elementary TeachersRachel Chaphalkar (United States)