10th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
8 – 13 July 2018
Kyoto, Japan
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This is a session of Topic 2: Statistics education at the school level

Session 2G (Friday 13th, 11:00-12:30,   Level 2 - Seminar Room 3)

Probability and modelling across the schooling levels



Various difficulties with probability concepts and misleading intuitions about random events can act as barrier in the learning of statistics. Mathematics teachers’ awareness of the connection between statistical and probability concepts, can improve the teaching and consequently the learning of statistics and of probability as well. Various views from elementary and secondary level would provoke discussion for the similarities and differences between the two levels.


PaperTitlePresenter / Co-author(s)
2G1How models and modelling approaches can promote young children’s statistical reasoningTakashi Kawakami (Japan)
2G2Classroom design to judge by statistical probability in junior high schoolNorihiro Nishinaka (Japan)
Atsushi Yoshikawa (Japan)
2G3Improving Statistical Pedagogy Among K to 12 Mathematics Teachers in the PhilippinesEnriqueta Reston (Philippines)
Carmelita Loquias (Philippines)