10th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
8 – 13 July 2018
Kyoto, Japan
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This is a session of Topic 1: Statistics education: Looking back, looking forward

Session 1J (Thursday 12th, 14:00-15:30,   Level 2 - Seminar Room 2)

Statistics education for business, an undergraduate program and a graduate program (panel)



Although the digital transformation have been popular in business , many of data in business are not easy to process even after data cleansing, and it is hard to find the essential causal relationship from the observed phenomena. It is important for us to extract not superficial but profound knowledge on our problems. So the statistics education and statistical analysis is essential part of the higher education for business. We discuss on teaching statistics for full-time undergraduate students and for part-time graduate students in business.

Panel discussion

1J1Tadashi Imaizumi (Japan)                                        
1J2Yuki Toyoda (Japan)                                        
1J3Takuya Ohmori (Japan)                                        
1J4Hiroyuki Satoh (Japan)                                        
1J5Naohiro Takemura (Japan)