10th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
8 – 13 July 2018
Kyoto, Japan

Keynote Speakers

Hiroe Tsubaki

Professor Tsubaki will provide a photograph and biography shortly.

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Keynote talk

Mona Chalabi

I’m a journalist who really loves numbers. My job is Data Editor at Guardian US but I also draw and present numbers on film.

I’ve written and presented TV shows for the BBC, National Geographic, Channel 4 and VICE and I’m one half of the team that created the Emmy-nominated video series Vagina Dispatches. I executive produced and hosted Strange Bird, an audio experiment. When I can, I illustrate data too. The sketches I make were commended by the Royal Statistical Society and Information is Beautiful in 2016 and can be seen here.

Before I joined The Guardian US, I moved to New York from London to write for Nate Silver’s site FiveThirtyEight. Back then, I had a regular segment on American National Public Radio called “The Number Of The Week”. And even longer ago, I started to write about statistics after analyzing large data sets at the Bank of England, the Economist Intelligence Unit, Transparency International and the International Organization for Migration.

The only thing you need to know about my personal life is that I love Peter Falk.

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Anna Rosling Rönnlund

Together with Hans Rosling and Ola Rosling, Anna Rosling Rönnlund founded Gapminder in 2005. Gapminder’s mission statement is to fight devastating ignorance with a fact-based world view everyone can understand.

She designed the user-interface of the famous animating bubble-chart tool called Trendalyzer, used by millions of students across the world, to understand global development trends. The tool was acquired by Google, and Anna worked at Google in Mountain View, CA as a Senior Usability Designer 2007 to 2010. At Google Anna improved search results for public data, developed data exploration tools for Public Data and made a bubble tool gadget (Motion chart) in Google Spreadsheets. In 2010 Anna came back to Gapminder to develop new free teaching material. Anna is now Vice President and Head of Design & User Experience at Gapminder. She also sits on the Gapminder Board. Anna holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography.

Anna founded Dollar Street, the biggest systematic image bank with representative home documentations based on data. At the moment we have almost 30,000 photos and 10,000 video clips, which are free to use under Creative Common license.

Together with Ola and Hans, Anna wrote the Factfulness book, launched in April 2018.

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Helen MacGillivray

Helen is only the second female, and second Australian, to be President of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) in its 130 year history. She was a first Australian Senior Learning and Teaching Fellow, first female President and first female Honorary Life Member of the Statistical Society of Australia. She is Editor of Teaching Statistics, a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a past President of the International Association for Statistical Education.

Her work in teaching and curricula design across multiple disciplines, class sizes and educational levels received support through national awards and significant grants. She has published textbooks, book chapters, keynote, invited or refereed papers on authentic learning and assessment in statistics, quantitative learning support and statistical research interests in distributional properties. She is joint chair and editor of the Australian Conference on Teaching Statistics, and has been a member of the organising or editorial committees for many conferences, including a number of ICOTS. Helen has chaired reviews of university departments and centres across Australia and internationally, and has worked as a consultant on teaching statistics in Australia and the UK.

Her leadership roles over many years include founding and directing university-wide Maths Access Centres, Symposia in Statistical Thinking, and mentored developmental programs for tutors. Helen has played key roles in mathematics and statistics school education on curriculum, resources and assessment moderation. She has given many professional development workshops for teachers, and a variety of successful extension and enrichment programs for high school students.

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A fifth speaker is to be confirmed.