10th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
8 – 13 July 2018
Kyoto, Japan

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9:15-9:30Housekeeping and Introduction
9:30-10:30Keynote Session
Keynote Anna Rosling Rönnlund*See how the rest of the world lives, sorted by incomeTerrsa Hall
Chair: Katie Makar
11:00-12:30Parallel Sessions
Session 9A
Supporting students doing data analysis by using digital tools designed for use by students
Session organizer: Daniel Frischemeier
Chair: Dani Ben-Zvi
Terrsa Hall
William Finzer*Co-Design of the Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP) for cross-disciplinary use at grades 6–14
Rick Hudson*Developing E-Modules to Support Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Statistical Thinking
Chris Wild*Gaining iNZights from Data
Session 5B
Statistics education in the workplace (panel)
Session organizer and Chair: Eirini Koutoumanou
Level 3 - Conf Room C
Marijka Batterham*Panellist
Bethany Bray*Panellist
Eirini Koutoumanou*Panellist
Session 4F
Teachers, their questions, and their interpretations
Session organizer and Chair: Stacey Hancock
Level 2 - Seminar Room 3
Vuslat Şeker*Teaching Average Through Implementing Cognitively Demanding Statistical Tasks
David Alfonso Paez*Exploration of preschool teachers’ representativeness notions of statistical graphs
Hyung Won Kim*College Instructors’ Attitudes toward Confidence Intervals
Session 1I
The significance of establishment of Japanese Inter-organizational Network for Statistics Education
Session organizer: Yasuto Yoshizoe
Chair: Tomoyuki Higuchi
Level 2 - Seminar Room 2
Yasuto Yoshizoe*The role of Japanese Inter-organizational Network for Statistics Education (JINSE)
Akimichi Takemura*New undergraduate departments and programs of data science in Japan
Matsui Kenichi*Challenges in developing real-world data driven business environment to create new business model and practice for data scientists in artificial intelligence
Session 10A
Collaboration between industries/international-connections and university-level education:
Session organizer and Chair: Jane Watson
Level 3 - Conf Room D
Dilhari Attygalle*Statistics in Practice: Making of Professional Statisticians in a Classroom
Nathan Taback*Do you have experience? Incorporating Experiential Learning Opportunities into Statistics Education is Messy but Important
Thina Zukiswa Maqubela*Peer teaching in a first year undergraduate class: indigenous language mediating the learning experience
Session 6G
Challenges in Teaching Probability
Session organizer and Chair: Neil Hatfield
Level 2 - AV Study Room
Vincent Martin*A survey of teachers’ self-reported practices of probability teaching in primary and secondary school levels in Québec
Judella Langcauon*Using Activity-Based Cooperative Learning Materials to Develop High School Students’ Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills in Statistics and Probability
J. Todd Lee*Granular Density in the Evolving University Probability Course
Session C4A
Contributed papers
Chair: Difariney González-Gómez
Level 3 - Conf Room B
Erin Scott-Stewart*Attitudes & Beliefs in Statistics Learning for Social Science Graduate students
Polona Tominc*Students’ behavioral intentions regarding the future use of statistical methods
Nicola Justice*Graduate Students Teaching Statistics: Their Experiences In Community and Beliefs About Teaching
Kelly Findley*What is Statistics? Examining the Disciplinary Beliefs of Incoming Statistics TAs
Session C4B
Contributed papers
Chair: John Harraway
Level 3 - Conf Room A
Naoko Sakurai*An education curriculum for developing analytical system engineer being good at statistics
Sigal Levy*Comparing the efficiency of mathematical V. intuitive explanations in conditional probability
Elizabeth Johnson*Developing and assessing written communication skills in large introductory statistics classes
Stephanie Hubbard*Developing the skills demanded of a statistician beyond statistics: a case study in biostatistics
Session C4C
Contributed papers
Chair: Ana Gómez-Blancarte
Level 2 - Seminar Room 1
Gamze Kurt Birel*Preservice Mathematics Teachers' TPACK Development in Statistics Teaching: A Microteaching Lesson Study
Noelle Pablo*Can a Simulation-Based Inference course be flipped?
Layla Guyot*Challenges for Independent Student Projects: A Perspective of the Teacher
Maryann Huey*Strategies Employed by Secondary Mathematics Teachers on Inferential Reasoning Tasks
12:45-13:45Meetings and Special Sessions
Admin Meeting 3The International Collaboration for Research in Statistical Reasoning, Thinking, and LiteracyLevel 2 - Seminar Room 3
Admin Meeting 4ISLP Open MeetingTerrsa Hall
14:00-15:30Parallel Sessions
Session 3A
Developing undergraduate data science programs grounded in statistics
Session organizer: Nicholas Horton
Chair: Amelia McNamara
Terrsa Hall
Jim Ridgway*Data Science for all: A stroll in the foothills
Alison Gibbs*Building a foundation in statistics in the era of data science
Johanna Hardin*Challenges and opportunities for undergraduate data science major and minor degree programs
Session 5F
Statistical Education for Decision Makers for Evidence Based Policy Making
Session organizer and Chair: Sharleen Forbes
Level 3 - Conf Room C
Dongdong Ji*Evidence-based assessment and policy-making for cultural demands at Chinese Rural Areas
Kristen Jeffers*Teaching Basic Statistics Using Integrated Global Census and Survey Data
Ksenija Dumicic*Adult Learning as a Chance for Improving Statistical Literacy of Decision Makers: Focusing the Case of Croatia
Session 4E
Teachers’ knowledge and curriculum
Session organizer and Chair: Sylvain Vermette
Level 2 - Seminar Room 3
Jill VanderStoep*Assessing the association between quantitative maturity and student performance in an introductory statistics class: simulation-based vs non simulation-based
Sylvain Vermette*Secondary school teachers’ knowledge of the standard deviation concept
Shirlee Ocampo*Capacity Building of Statistics Teachers through Mentoring and other Innovative Ways
Session 9L
Trends in statistical education via internet in Japan
Session organizer and Chair: Akinobu Takeuchi
Level 2 - Seminar Room 2
Hirohito Sakurai*Computer-based testing for Japan Statistical Society Certificate: Outline and problem evaluation
Takafumi Kubota*Prospects of teaching statistics using interactive applications by Shiny
Akinobu Takeuchi*Development of teaching materials and the data analysis competition for secondary education
Session 10D
ASA international collaborations to promote Statistics at the school Level (panel)
Session organizer: Christine Franklin
Chair: Maxine Pfannkuch
Level 3 - Conf Room D
Rebecca Nichols*Panellist
Anna-Marie Fergusson*Panellist
Lucía Zapata-Cardona*Panellist
Session 9C
Using R for effective teaching of Statistics
Session organizer and Chair: Jung Jin Lee
Level 2 - Medium Conference Room
Dean Langan*Code Sharing in Statistics Workshops
Bruno de Sousa*Teaching with R – a curse or a blessing?
James Stigler*Modeling First: A Modeling Approach To Teaching Introductory Statistics
Session 8B
Inference in Times of Crisis, Part 2
Session organizer and Chair: Rink Hoekstra
Level 2 - AV Study Room
Fiona Fidler*Teaching replication
Michele Nuijten*Using “statcheck” to Detect and Prevent Statistical Reporting Inconsistencies
Don van Ravenzwaaij*A simulation study of the strength of evidence in the recommendation of medications based on two trials with statistically significant results
Session C5B
Contributed papers
Chair: Ian Hay
Level 3 - Conf Room A
Diana Kohan*An Integrative Work in Statistical Classes
Miluska Osorio*Activities and types of statistical graphs in textbooks of primary education in Perú
Yoshiji Takagi*Teaching probability and statistics to pre-service elementary school teachers
Session C5C
Contributed papers
Chair: Aisling Leavy
Level 2 - Seminar Room 1
Burkhard Priemer*School students’ skills to compare datasets
Ting-Ying Chu*The Effect of the Structure of Contingency Table Data on Students’ Inferences
Yuichi Oguchi*Statistical Contents and Lessons in the Japanese Curriculum of Mathematics for Upper Secondary Schools
16:00-17:30Parallel Sessions
Session 2E
Linking research and practice in teaching and learning statistics at the school level
Session organizer and Chair: Pip Arnold
Terrsa Hall
Dani Ben-Zvi*Three paradigms to develop students' statistical reasoning
Stephanie Casey*Students' reasoning about association of categorical variables
Rosemary Callingham*Making the Connections: From Statistics Education Research to Teaching Advice
Session 6B
Learning Conditional Probability, Part 2
Session organizer: Andreas Eichler
Chair: Karin Binder
Level 3 - Conf Room C
Andreas Eichler*Categorizing errors in Bayesian situations
Emilse Gómez-Torres*Classroom activity in Secondary School for introducing conditional probability
Maxine Pfannkuch*Year 13 students’ reasoning from an eikosogram: an exploratory study
Session 1A
An Innovative Educational Model of Elementary Statistics Course with MOOC, PBL, and AI (panel)
Session organizer and Chair: Shizue Izumi
Level 2 - Seminar Room 3
Shizue Izumi*Overview of an Educational Model of Elementary Statistics for the Data Science Program of Shiga University
Michinori Hatayama*Panellist
Yukiko Shimamoto*Panellist
Jung Jin Lee*Panellist
Chris Wild*Panellist
Session 1H
Data science, technology and the future
Session organizer and Chair: Alison Gibbs
Level 3 - Conf Room D
Jennifer Brown*Leading change: Developing a new Applied Data Science programme
Sean Oliver Escalante*Data Visualization for the New Age: An Experimental Study Exploring the Merits of Human Perception on Visualization Techniques for Improved Statistical Communication
Sharleen Forbes*Using Web Apps in the classroom
Session 3E
Students’ negative attitudes towards statistics: an arduous challenge
Session organizer and Chair: Saleha Naghmi Habibullah
Level 2 - Medium Conference Room
Florian Berens*Attitudes towards Research as a source for negative Statistics Attitudes
Zeynep Medine Özmen*The views of undergraduate students about their introductory statistics course process
Session 8E
Theory and Frameworks
Session organizer and Chair: Egan Chernoff
Level 2 - AV Study Room
Luis Saldanha*Use of the focusing framework for characterizing students’ foci of attention when reasoning about data distributions
Lonneke Boels*Revealing Conceptual Difficulties when Interpreting Histograms: An Eye-Tracking Study
Darren Macey*Towards a research-based framework for statistics education
Session C6B
Contributed papers
Chair: Noleine Fitzallen
Level 3 - Conf Room A
Mingan Yang*Teaching Biostatistics course with flipped classroom
Jahar Bhowmik*Blended Learning in Higher Education: A Case Study in Postgraduate Applied Statistics Programs
Eti Mizrahi*Similarities and Differences of Learning Approaches of Student in Statistics and Mathematics: A Case Study from Turkey
Bashiru I.I Saeed*Improving Teaching and Capacity in Statistics Education: The case of Ghana
Session C6C
Contributed papers
Chair: Peter Howley
Level 2 - Seminar Room 1
Tomomi Masuda*Teaching practice of “analysis of data” using computer games — team making with Quality Control problem solving method
Nurul Taflihati Masykar*The Accessibility Analysis of Senior High School Statistics Texts in Indonesian Textbooks
Johnson Mwangi*Building a culture of data driven decision making in higher education using data warehousing
Tobias Ludwig*Decision-making in uncertainty-infused learning situations with experiments in physics classes
17:30-18:30Focus on Posters 2: meet the authorsFoyer
18:30-19:30Meetings and Special Sessions
Admin Meeting 5IASE General AssemblyTerrsa Hall